Ellpeots® Technology

The Ellepot® is made of a degradable paper filled with a growing media.
The paper facilitates a perfect root penetration.

The world patented system is unique, because it handles the growing media so gently that the airy and fragile structure is maintained throughout the production cycle to the finished pot.

The substrate pot Ellepot® is suitable for propagation of cuttings and seeds for young plants, potted plants, cut flowers, nursery stock, forest plants, and vegetables.

You obtain the following advantages:

  • Fast rooting
  • Easy and fast transplanting
  • Healthy and uniform plants
  • Keeping the air content
  • Degradable

There are more than 700 Ellegaard machines are working all over the world, producing more than 2 billion Ellepots per year...


I was blown away at how easy it was to transplant. The added bonus was there was no garbage to collect and haul away from the planting site.
James Mantel- Terrace Turf

Not only was it easier to transplant using the Ellepots, the plants were fuller much more quickly. Leaving the roots intact obviously makes a difference.
Collette Kobernick- CK Garden Consultant