Hardier plants with less impact on the environment and lower costs

  • Pot, plant and soil come as one unit ready to plant saving valuable time 
  • Makes planting easier on the knees and back
  • By planting Ellepot® directly in soil you reduce transplant shock & plant die-off
  • Hardier, healthier plants with less root stress
  • No left over pots to store in corner or throw way
  • Biodegradable- Reduce your carbon footprint


I was blown away at how easy it was to transplant. The added bonus was there was no garbage to collect and haul away from the planting site.
James Mantel- Terrace Turf

Not only was it easier to transplant using the Ellepots, the plants were fuller much more quickly. Leaving the roots intact obviously makes a difference.
Collette Kobernick- CK Garden Consultant